Emily started coming to Illusion Laser Clinic when we opened last November. Having been impressed by our friendly customer service and the excellent results we provided on her first treatment, she decided to come back for other treatments from us. Keep reading to learn what brought Emily back to our clinic for more!


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Which Treatments Did We Provide?

Emily first came to us for our body sculpting treatment. Thanks to the expert customer service and professionalism of our practitioners, she later returned to our clinic for laser hair removal on her underarms.

Body Contouring

Having lost a lot of weight the previous year, Emily was looking for some help to remove the last stubborn bits that weren’t going anywhere with exercise. She turned to our clinic’s body contouring treatment for that help.

Body contouring is a cosmetic treatment that removes unwanted fat cells to sculpt and define an area of your body, without the need for expensive and painful surgery.

She left our clinic happy with the service provided and the results gained. From this experience, she decided to come back for laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

At first, Emily was anxious when starting laser hair removal because she had heard rumours that it was going to be painful. However, Louise and the rest of the team took the time to assure her that it was going to be fine. As soon as she stepped into the clinic, she felt at ease, and once the treatment had been done she realised that it didn’t hurt at all and she was excited to come back for more.

A Recommended Laser Clinic

“I would definitely recommend Illusion Clinic, not just because of the great treatments and customer service, but because the place is amazing.”

At Illusion Clinic, we want to help you feel your very best in your own skin. Our range of services can help achieve that, whether you’re looking for tattoo removal, microneedling, or scalp micropigmentation. We offer more than a treatment; we provide an experience that will leave you feeling better and better with each visit.

Our Verwood clinic is open six days a week. Book your first visit with us online or by giving us a call on 01202 124214 today!

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