Like many of our clients, Tilly has been coming to Illusion Laser Clinic since it opened. Having got to know the team here, she decided to start cosmetic tattoo removal with us. Continue reading to hear why she decided to have the treatment with us and how she finds her sessions.


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Which Treatments Did We Provide?

Tilly first came to us for a Carbon Laser Peel, a facial that gently exfoliates and resurfaces the skin, and microneedling, a treatment that stimulates collagen and elastin production. After finding out that the clinic also offers cosmetic tattoo removal, Tilly decided to start a series of treatments to have her eyebrow tattoos removed.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Back in 2014, Tilly had her eyebrows first tattooed in semi-permanent makeup and has since had them topped up a few times. However, she has never been happy with them and consequently always wanted them removed, as she believed they weren’t symmetrical and one was thicker than the other.

When she discovered that Illusion Laser Clinic offers cosmetic tattoo removal, she decided to give it a go as she had already built up a relationship with the team, specifically Reece, who had treated her previously.

What happens in each session?

Tilly visits us every four weeks for a cosmetic tattoo removal session. At the start of each treatment, Reece will discuss the plan for that day and check the healing from the previous sitting. If Tilly is wearing makeup, Reece will also remove it so that he has a clean face for the process.

Once the makeup has been removed, Reece will cool the eyebrows and start using the laser to remove the tattooed eyebrows.

“It’s quick and pain-free, and it’s over and done with before you have even thought about having it done.”

Premium laser treatments in Dorset

“I would recommend Illusion Laser Clinic because I have been so happy with all the treatments I have had… it’s just a lovely place to come for treatments.”

At Illusion Laser Clinic, we have a friendly team of specialists who have a passion for helping others build up their self-esteem through a positive and seamless experience. From body contouring to micropigmentation, each service is delivered to exceptionally high standards and with a smile on our faces so that you leave our clinic happy.

Our Verwood clinic is open six days a week, so we can find an appointment time that best suits you. Book online or call us on 01202 124214 today!

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